Dishes and papers pile up, and I'm okay with that...

With it being a holiday weekend and all, I've committed myself to spending this weekend relaxing. You can see the vestiges of this all around me, in papers not put away, dishes waiting to be washed, pillows tossed aside, which I caught here in photos to share. Because life is not meant to be perfect and mine certainly is not.

(Consider these the lived-in versions of the photos featured in the Apartment Tour that I showcased a few months ago!)

Really, this is nothing all that different from any other day. There are always piles of paper and always dishes and clothes to be washed. Really, the only difference is that I guess right now, I have the excuse to say that it's intentional.

This morning as I looked all around at these little souvenirs of my laidback homemaking, I smiled.

I smiled because I'm okay with these little, tiny messes. Instead of flitting around, picking up and putting away like my life depends on it, I'm able to see these piles and mounds and spills and not really take notice of them. A clean house can be really stressful when you live that way, and there was a time when that was how it was for me.

But somewhere along the way, I've learned the beautiful art of letting go and tending to the other things in life that matter much more.

Like relishing this weekend of rest. I hope you are doing the same!

(Doesn't that verse just sum it all up? I think so!)

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  1. I, too, am learning to accept the little messes around the house. Being a newlywed in a brand new apartment, the first couple of weeks were really stressful to me whenever things weren't perfectly in order. I cleaned and cleaned and straightened and cleaned, became annoyed when my husband wasn't cleaning as much as I was, and then cleaned some more. I really didn't have time to just enjoy my day!

    Since then I've figured out that things don't need to be perfect all the time...and it's led to a much more enjoyable life!

    Oh, and your house truly isn't messy at all. It just looks like actual humans live there! :)

    Roots, Wings, and Other Things

  2. That verse is pretty awesome. I'm usually super obsessed with having everything around the house spic and span, but I'm sure after I get married and life gets in the way, I won't have time to stick to it.

  3. I love this whole post! Thank you for sharing! I also really like that verse.

  4. that is something that i, too, have had to learn recently. i can't keep our house perfect all the time. there are things that are more important than constant cleaning and organizing. my husband has been huge in helping me find that balance.

    thanks so much for sharing these pictures. i've struggled with putting up pictures of our place unless everything is clean, but it's really encouraging to see you opening up and sharing your apartment the way it is everyday - spotless or not. :)

  5. me too me too! accepting the messy. it's OK! thanks for sharing this!

  6. Just found your blog and I am loving it! I really like how you are so realistic. On one of your posts you wrote something about "unfollowing" some blogs because they were too perfect. That really encouraged me. Anyway, just some random thoughts from me and wanted to tell you thank you for being honest. :)

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments and encouraging words! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with the desire for a picture-perfect home :) And I'm glad to know that this little glimpse of transparency has been encouraging for you!


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