My 4 Favorite Free Fonts Right Now

I recently went on a font-downloading kick, which happens every couple of months or so, when I thumb through page after page of type. No doubt, you’ve already noticed the fruits of these typographic adventures as I’ve already been using them in recent posts and photos.

Because I’m still reading my way through the prophets, I thought I’d showcase these findings via some of the Scripture verses that have stuck out to me during my daily Bible reading. These are just a few of the verses I copied into my journal for memory’s sake, ones that I thought were particularly insightful, encouraging or just inspiring.

Together—both what the words are saying and how they look set in different fonts—they create something undeniably beautiful. Enjoy!

Isaiah 64:6 in AdamGorry-Inline

Habakkuk 2:14 in Nouvelle Vague

Habakkuk 3:17-18 in Market Deco

Jeremiah 10:24 in Lullaby

Are there any fonts (or Scriptures!) that you've been especially enjoying lately? I'd love to know in the comments!

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  1. I love fonts...I get a lot of fonts from Font Squirrel and one of my recent favorites is Matchbook;

  2. Oh, that's great, Gemma. Thanks for passing those suggestions along! I love the font and I'm going to poke around Font Squirrel more; I've never used it before so I'll have to see what gems it has hidden in it :)

  3. Yes! Lullaby is one I have to make myself STOP using all the time :)

  4. i love them all! especially lullaby!

    isaiah 64:6 is SO powerful. such a reminder of God's amazing grace and mercy. <3

  5. I'm doing a series on Habakkuk right now and found these - they would look great as stickers!


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