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I'm still plugging away at manually creating a browser-friendly archives page for all my past blog posts, month by month. Here's a look at what was going on in my life, a year and a half ago during January 2010. From our car getting broken into to reupholstering our kitchen chairs, I hope you enjoy getting to take a little step back in time with me:

Archive of Posts from January 2010
Welcome to 2010: Looking forward to the year ahead
Six months of marriage: One more answered prayer
Easy-does-it reupholstering on our kitchen chairs 
Sitting Pretty: Mixing and matching prints in our ... 
I'm a sucker for romance: Why I love reading the ... 
Helpful Homemaking Tip: Meal planning with spreadsheets 
A lesson from the Garden of Eden: How God prepares ... 
The Fruits of the Freezer: Getting More Out of Your ...
Newlywed secrets from the Old Testament (Part I) 
Newlywed secrets from the Old Testament (Part II) 
Lessons I'm Learning: Embracing the unknown 
"This Is Your Brain In Love" book review 
The sweet comforts of the coffeeshop 
The faces of those in Haiti: Memories from my trip ...
From my friends who are missionaries in Haiti ...
Discovering The Benefits of Waking Up Early 
Our car was broken into...you won't believe what ...
The encouraging testimonies of answered prayers
Are your prayers big enough?: The 'whys' and 'hows ...
It snowed in Atlanta! 
Why we don't own a television 
A Prayer for Joy 

I will share another installment in a couple of weeks with more posts from the archives, but you can always jump ahead and explore the archives for yourself.

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