Our Love Story: Seeing is Believing

(This is the story of how my husband and I met and fell in love. If you are just now jumping in, you can catch up on last week's post or start back at the beginning.)

At the same time, while I was trying to actively pull myself away from him and fight the attraction I had felt from day one, there were other things going on that made that harder and harder to do.

While we were serving as adult chaperones for the youth group trip (which I talked more about here), I got the chance to see who this man was in a rare, close-up way. We saw each other every day, whether it was congregating in the cafeteria, meeting together in discussion groups, attending worship services together, or just hanging out as chaperones while the kids were in different sessions.

While we didn’t talk too much in a one-on-one setting, I had the advantage of seeing him interact with the teens and with the other adult leaders. I remember one day at breakfast, while a bunch of the boys were goofing off and scarfing down McDonalds, he was sitting amongst their antics, calmly and deliberately reading his Bible.

As with any teen trip, there were plenty of issues that we had to deal with, from unruly behavior to flirting to picking on each other, I got to see how he handled some of those instances, how he was talking to the guys and quoted from Proverbs or explained why, as Christians, this kind of behavior was or wasn’t right.

Since it was the heat of summer, I also remember one time when all the chaperones were going to meet up and we were trying to sort out details. My husband was the one who suggested that the guys get the van and bring it to pick us ladies up. Not sure the other guys were too thrilled about it, but I certainly was impressed!

So I got quite a few glimpses to see more of what he was like, in a real-life kind of way, that made me appreciate his heart more and more.

But at the time, I still was convinced that he did not like me, and as it turns out, he was convinced that I did not like him. So none of that really mattered all that much at the time—since it seemed it wasn’t going anywhere. Plus, there was the fact that I’m 4.5 years older than him, so that was a big factor in him believing nothing would pan out. (That and all the kind things I said to him so far that summer!)

Still, something in him told him to at least try.

For some reason, even though he thought I hated him and that because I was older there’d be no possibility, he actually was interested in me and decided to ask me out anyway...

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  1. This is a sweet a story. :) I met my now husband on a mission trip.

    1. Neat! I think getting to meet your spouse in something church-related is a really great "weeding" device when it comes to dating, especially when you get to see how well they are able to "walk the walk." Proves to be very insightful!

  2. Sarah (Proverbs 31:30)August 9, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    I definitely get encouragement from this story! I feel that it's so important for girls to pray and ask God for a husband. Not like, " I want a perfect husband and relationship" or anything of that nature. Just that in His perfect will, there may be a godly man out there. My dad always tells me... it's the guy's heart that really matters- looks not so much. I'd much rather have a godly man than a handsome, worldly man. I mean you have to commit yourself to them!
    Then again, good looks don't hurt either :D
    Awesome series Carmen! It's the first thing I look at on Thursdays (after devotions)

    1. I TOTALLY agree with your dad on that! So good that you have that role model there to remind you what our real priorities ought to be, especially when the world looks at everything else--looks, wealth, job, etc. And the Lord was pretty gracious and generous to me--I got a godly man who is also handsome and able to support us! More than I could have asked for :)

      Glad you're enjoying this series and finding it encouraging. That's exactly what I was hoping for when I came up with it!


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