Adam and Eve, and a God Who Orchestrates It All

I recently shared about a book I've been reading through and loving: Jesus: A Theography. I was just reading a section that made me stop my reading and sit, once again, in awe of what God has done in my life, particularly in regards to my marriage, and the fact that it's the thing he's been doing all along, ever since the first man and woman in bringing them together.

(I chronicled the whole story about how God brought me and my husband together in a series called, "Our Love Story," which you can read through here, if you missed it.)

The authors are talking about the Genesis 2 creation story, where God has made Adam from the dirt and, upon seeing that he is alone, makes all the animals (from more dirt) to give his creation a suitable companion or helper. But none are found. So, he puts Adam to sleep and fashions woman from Adam's rib.

The authors illuminate what happens next in the story: "Once the woman was split apart from him, God 'brought her to the man,' an image that foreshadows the bridal attendant taking the bride to the bridegroom.

When I read that sentence, the word that popped out to me the most was the word "God." It was God who took the woman to the man. They weren't left wandering around the garden only to bump into one another and then fall in love. No, God orchestrated the entire thing, from start to finish, even to bringing them together and introducing them.

That is what I have seen God to do for me in my own life, and it has made for an incredible journey that still takes my breath away to remember all the crazy facets of it.

But it also made me think of all you others out there who are waiting to be that companion, who are waiting to have this story be your own story. I think of you because I remember that season of waiting, too.

And so I pray the wisdom of this Scripture over you: That it would be God who brings you to your mate and that, just as Adam waited on God to bring along his perfect companion, you too would be encouraged in your waiting.

(And, if you need encouragement while you wait, consider signing up for the monthly Women Praying Boldly newsletter that I send out to a group of one hundred or so women who are committed to praying for one another as they all await God to work this very same way in their lives!)

Plus, you can read more about this book in my review, or you can find Jesus: A Theography on Amazon.

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  1. This is such a beautiful and godly perspective, thanks for reminding me to wait on God's timing.


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