Celebrating A Year In Our House

I can’t believe it but somehow, a year has passed since we first bought and moved into this house of ours. A lot has happened in these past twelve months: First, we saw God open up the opportunity for us to move here. Then, we did a bunch of DIY projects to make the place feel more like home. We watched the seasons change all around us as surprises sprang up around us and I explored the natural wonders of this wild yard of ours. But most of all, it was in this house that we found out we were expecting our first baby.

I remember when we first moved in and it still felt all surreal. I was still grasping for phantom light switches in the places they’d been in our old apartment. Now, it feels like home. Even the places that stick out like sore thumbs (the half-finished crown molding in a couple of rooms, for instance) now are familiar and, in some ways, comforting. Because they are no longer foreign but they are the quirks of home—of our home.

I’ve watched as we take on little projects here and there, learning and growing as homeowners. Rooms have been transformed from drab tan boxes into places that reflect us. They hold all number of craft projects and personal touches, announcing to the world that this place is ours. It is where we call home.

And this home will continue to see changes. Likely more routine upgrades like painting the remaining walls, fixing those pesky crown molding issues, doing something about that tangle of a yard of ours. But also bringing a baby into here, introducing her to her new home. Where the paint color might not match the rug or the wood finishes might clash, but love abounds.

That’s home.

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  2. congrats on your one year in your home. :)

  3. happy anniversary!!! :) Our home celebrates it's 100th birthday next year. Still not sure how we'll celebrate...


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