choosing a church: where you'll find us on sunday mornings

Michael and I have now lived in Atlanta for just over two months. We set out for the 40-hour voyage on August 14 and started planting our roots in our new home-sweet-home two days later.

With a few weekends away thrown into the mix, we have finally settled on the church that will become our second home-away-from-home. I've never been one to waste too much time on "church-shopping." I do believe you need to find a place that lines up with your Biblical interpretation and that has a community that you can dig into. But I wonder if too many people hold on to the window-shopping aspect too long without digging in and getting dirty. For me, that's the purpose of church--more than just Sunday mornings, but the place where you plug in and get involved, whether that's with a Bible study or small group or volunteering.

So after much prayer and consideration, we have made that decision and settled on St. Paul's, a small little church that's in stark contrast to the large churches Michael and I have been used to. Here, the pastor takes prayer requests during the church service and passes around a binder where you can write additional ones. When they were ordaining new elders this past Sunday, they called the congregation to come forward and lay hands on the men's shoulders.

I love that.

So our next leg of the journey begins...

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