A mini-tour of our new home: The built-in cabinets in the office

Michael and I have lived in Apt #10 for over 3 months now. There are still a number of things on my to-do list (namely, add some artistry to our living room and kitchen), but in the meantime, we're mostly settled in our "home sweet home."

In celebration, thought I'd share a little bit about our place, and a couple photos of one of my favorite unexpected gems in our apartment: the built in cabinetry in our office. Evidently, our building is from the 1920s, and this seems to be one of the sole survivors of that time period. I love the extra amount of storage it provides (because otherwise, we only have one non-bedroom closet to hide our stuff).

My desk is set up across from the hutch, so these cabinets stash all my work goodies as well as  office and craft supplies. To mask the mess that my piles of paper can sometimes morph into, I bought a couple rolls of pretty damask-patterned wrapping paper from Michael's and taped them to the insides of the glass doors, which I like because it brings a little panache to the place.

Finally, the 4 paintings displayed on the shelf were a wedding present from my dear friend Mallory who handpainted the canvases for us with my favorite verse: "He makes all things beautiful..." (Ecc. 3:11). What a good friend, huh? And ever-fitting.

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