Our holiday plans and burgeoning social life

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Crazy times around these parts, of late. It's been a surprisingly social week for us:

We joined a new small group starting up at our church and attended the first meeting on Tuesday. One of the really cool things about that is that as luck would have it, there are two other newlywed-ish couples (one has been married for 1 year and the other for about 3 years) without kids and two older couples. One of the things they told us that they're most excited about in regards to hosting our small group is pouring into us in regards to our marriages--which is one of the things I was praying about as we moved down here. In one of the pre-marriage books Michael and I read, they emphasized your "honeymoon habits." Essentially the habits we set up at the beginning are going to be the habits that last--for good or bad. So I look forward to getting feedback and advice and insights early on, so that we can avoid as much damage-control as possible and keep this flame-o-love a-burnin.

Wednesday, Michael played music at a Thanksgiving event that a local coffeehouse-ministry was hosting. There was turkey and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and everything. Definitely got me in the mood for next week!

Tonight, one of Michael's friends has started a monthly get-together of different musician friends to come together, share some of their work-in-progress music and just be creative together. As the Mrs., I get to join along and soak in the music. He hosted the first night last month which was a lot of fun. He lives in this old house that looks like a log cabin and so at times it feels like a scene from out of a movie like Garden State or something: everyone crammed into a little room with mismatched furniture, sipping hot cocoa while the musician-of-the-moment is playing guitar. Memories in the making.

Then comes the tidal wave of Thanksgiving. We'll be spending the weekend with Michael's dad, coming back to Atlanta for 2 nights and then driving back to Cincinnati on Tuesday where our schedule is already planned out moment by moment. It's pretty incredible to go from the days when you wake up and ask yourself, "What am I going to do today?" and decide that the agenda is a walk to the park and a homemade latte and then find yourself scheduled like this. After spending the last year or so of my life in a new city, it is taking me some getting used to. But I am enjoying this transition as we turn Atlanta into "home."

Any fun plans for anyone this week/end?

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