Post-Job Interview Update: Praising God for his everyday miracles

Praise. the. Lord.

So today I had my first job interview since moving down to Atlanta. I was getting pretty nervous yesterday and last night, so when Michael and I did a drive-by of the location so that I'd know exactly how to get there in the morning,  I told him I needed a pep talk. He reminded me of verses he recalls if he gets nervous or scared and when we got home, he prayed for me.

For the rest of the evening, I felt a greater sense of peace regarding the looming deadline. I knew that I'd give it my best and that my best would have to be good enough.

So this morning, I woke up at 6:15 sharp. Got up, showered and began to blow dry my hair. Not sure if anyone else has wrestling matches with their blowdryer, brush and flat iron to get their hair looking the way they like, but typically it's a battle for me. This morning though, it blew dry almost perfectly into shape so that I barely had to straighten it. I was astounded and realized, "Wow, I didn't even pray for this, and you blessed me with a 'good hair day.'" Praise the Lord.

The outfit I decided to wear included a cute but short-sleeve button-up jacket. There was frost on the grass so I started praying that, for one day in my life, God would make me warm-blooded today during my interview. (At Baker, it was not uncommon for me to show up to meetings with my bright yellow Linus blanket or even my winter coat at times because I was always freezing.)

Also, I've been fighting off a cold and having to drink tons of fluid and fight coughing fits pretty regularly. I prayed that God would keep my throat "well watered" and that he would soothe my throat so that I didn't hack all over my interviewer and dry my nose so I didn't have to resort to a forearm wipe, mid-interview.

When all was said and done, God did not disappoint on any of my requests: I stayed comfortably warm, my throat was perfect and I didn't cough or get a runny nose at all. Can you say it with me? Praise the Lord.

And I love that, how these were the most trivial of requests in the grand scheme of things (world peace? feeding children? curing cancer? etc.), and yet they mattered to me. And rather than chastise me, God met me in that place and was generous, as a good Father is.

So I know that whatever comes next, whether it's a job or a polite "no thank you," I can trust that God was with me this step of the way and that he's guiding whatever comes next. Praise the Lord!


  1. I am so glad your day was not as stressful as you worried it would be! A true praise! :) I remember being observed by someone from The State during my first year of teaching and worrying that the sun would be too bright (it often shined really really brightly through the windows) And I wrestled with that question (do I stop my lesson in the middle in order to close the curtains? If I start with the curtains closed, the room looks really dark and uninviting, etc.) And it was completely overcast the whole time the lady was there! Coincidence? I think not. :)

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  3. Please help me forgive people who have truly hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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