Easy-does-it reupholstering on our kitchen chairs

One of the gifts that parents gave us for Christmas was my very own staple gun. (Two Christmases previously, they wrapped up an electric drill set and set it under the tree for me--one of my favorite presents ever--so you can see their fondness for indulging my crafty endeavors.)

We put it to use immediately on a project I've been looking forward to for over a year: Reupholstering my kitchen-table chairs. I'd bought the chairs at an antique shop the summer when Holly and I moved out together. The dark-wood boomerang-shape of their backs caught my eye, as did the $30 price-tag. But even then I knew that someday, those suckers would be reupholstered.

I'm still getting the hang of remembering to take photos to accompany posts, so there's no "before" image. You'll just have to take my word for it that the cushions were nothing to bat an eyelash at. They were in good shape, quality-wise, but the cloth was blah-brown, mottled with some pastels. No thanks.

So, after unscrewing the cushions from the chair frame (which made the process almost too easy), we stretched the fabric right over the old cushion and stapled it in place. Like new!

Here's a more accurate image of the finished-project fabric up-close:

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