The encouraging testimonies of answered prayers

photo by Hamed Saber

One of the greatest blessings during my 11-month stint living in Grand Rapids was the weekly prayer group I attended at Mars Hill. I got to see firsthand--in my own life and in others’--the power that prayer can have, from the mundane (like the fact that I had a good hair on my interview day) to the miraculous (people being healed from diseases, incredible financial provision, etc). Hearing the stories of what God was doing in other people’s lives still awes me, time after time, and encourages me to pray more fervently and expectantly with my prayers.

So it’s that idea of encouraging your faith through the power of prayer that I’m turning to now, and sharing just a sampling of these testimonies, which I receive in a monthly email update from that prayer group, lovingly known as The W. (If you want to find out more about The W, or to sign up to receive these updates, visit

Prayer is powerful: Testimonies of God answering the prayers of his people
  • A woman testified about her dire financial situation and how she had received $15 in the mail. Her response was to thank God for gas money to get her to work. …. She had a big rent payment coming due and she did not know how she was going to pay it. She was praying fervently. She went to the bank with the idea to ask the teller to bring up her account information so she would know for sure, what she had. She approached the teller and told her what she wanted and the teller said ‘sure, no problem, I’ll bring up your information on the screen’.  Suddenly, the screen went black, and the computer shut down. The teller apologized and said she would have to reboot. Julie is praying while the computer comes back on.  The teller gets her account up and says: “you have -------- in your account” Julie looks stunned, and says, can you repeat that?  She repeated the amount and Julie again asks, “what did you say?” Finally the teller wrote it on a sticky note. Julie was in awe because she did not know where the money came from. Julie came away from the bank having enough money to pay her rent, utilities, gas for car and food. You are Jehovah Jireh!

  • A woman was praying for her daughter who had been molested as a young girl and was now giving them fits as a young teenager.  Within a week the daughter approached her Mom wanting to talk and opened up confessing sin in her life and asking for prayer and the Holy Spirit melted her heart and began the healing process.  We do bless you Healing Lord.
  • A woman asked her Dad to come over and fix her toilet.  That night while at the “W” a young woman prayed for her toilet that it would be fixed and running fine.  When her Dad got there he came out and asked what he was supposed to fix since it was “running fine”.  God, You act even on the mundane details of our life.
  • A man was prayed for because of an abrasion on his eye which was healed instantly.  He also was suffering from a degenerative condition in his eye that was causing great concern.  We found out this past week that he went back to the doctor and his eye and his vision is completely normal.  Way cool. 
  • An intercessor couple that is a part of the “W” saw their grandkids pray for people’s healing.  Two people were healed instantly.  Thank You Lord for allowing us to pass these truths to the coming generations.

  • A woman was at the “W” and still suffering foot pain after the ministry time.  She heard the Holy Spirit say “stop praying for the pain to go away and pray for new arches in your feet”.  She asked another woman to pray with her and as they prayed they both felt her foot move and an arch appeared where there was none before.  They kept praying and the other foot moved as well.  Father, You indeed guide us into all truth including the truth of how to pray. 
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  1. hi, its wonderful to know how prayer can work wonders and its motivating me to continue to pray about my knee pain which was caused due to a slip disc. A man Of God prayed over me and I am happy to say that my back does not ache any more. I still have the heaviness of the knee and whole of left leg and hand at times aches, when it gets bad , it even starts on the right side. so please pray for me so that I could witness God's healing over me. Thanks

  2. We have a place similar to this called the healing house at my school! Miracles are all around us!!

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