The sweet comforts of the coffeeshop

a warm hot chocolate for a cold, Atlanta night

Michael and I are pretty simple when it comes to being entertained: A movie every once and awhile. Going to local shows his friends are playing. And coffee shops.

There's something about getting out of the house and exploring a nearby coffee shop--even when it means piling on layers to withstand the biting cold outside. Whether it's seeking out favorite spots in Atlanta, Grand Rapids or while visiting family in Cincinnati, this is one of the pastimes and simple pleasures we enjoy together.

Last night, we treked over to one of Michael's favorite Atlanta coffee shops, where I ordered a tasty little hot chocolate treat. (By the way: While I love making hot chocolate from scratch, I don't always like having to stand over a stove to make it happen. So to liven up an ordinary packet of hot chocolate, I've started adding just a dash of flavored coffee creamer. Works wonders.)

Michael concentrated on a book he's studying as he prepares to take his teaching license test (which will take place this Saturday; all prayers appreciated!). I pulled out my laptop and researched tax info and recipes and read blogs. It was simple, but it was a lovely way to wrap up an otherwise ordinary Monday.

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