The Fruits of the Freezer: Getting More Out of Your Produce

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One thing I've started trying to do more of is making use of my freezer. Especially when only cooking for two, there's a lot of room for food--and produce especially--to go to waste. But after doing some research, I discovered that, with the right amount of preparation, you can freeze just about anything.

So, in our freezer you'll find whole lemons, potato wedges, cubes of frozen chicken and vegetable broth, an extra loaf of bread, carrot sticks, even onion and garlic cloves. Not only does this cut down on food waste but also on many last-minute grocery store runs, if all you have to do is thaw and defrost.

I've also found that buying the produce fresh and then freezing it myself is more cost-efficient. (Plus, I like the satisfying hands-on, DIY aspect of it!)

I'd like to get more adept at making more meals in bulk and freezing extra portions for later, but that will come in time. (A good cookbook for that is "Don't Worry: More Dinner's in the Freezer," but I haven't made anything from it yet.) For now, I'm living--and learning--by baby steps!

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