Sitting Pretty: Mixing and matching prints in our living room

our living room

I love beautiful patterns. I don't know that I'd ever be happy in a room full of solid colors; I need a splash of floral here or some damask there to feel at home in a space.

Those decorative flourishes are especially apparent in the seating I've collected over the past couple of years, which I thought I'd share today. I've already shared the recent reupholstery project we gave to our kitchen-table chairs, which also bear this penchant for punchy fabrics.

Currently, our sofa is a sturdy freebie I inherited from some family friends, that we've covered with a dusty-blue couch cover. Though I do look forward to the day when Michael and I get to buy our first couch together (oh la la!), I'm actually content with what we have now, especially when it's dolled up with some coordinated throw pillows. (The green one is velvet with a crocheted doily and a felt bird appliqué that I sewed on.):

One of my crafting crowns of glory is this chair that I reupholstered, all by myself! It was a project I tackled a couple of Thanksgivings ago. My mom found this settee, which was in great condition, marked down at a thrift store for next to nothing. I settled on this oversized floral print for the fabric and did my best to makeshift the upholstery. I was ever so anxious to see the finished piece, so I didn't exercise enough patience to go through the effort of measuring and piecing together patterns and stitch it together with my sewing machine; instead I pretty much did a lot of the sewing directly onto the couch itself! Consequently, if you look closely, you can see some seams showing, but I still don't mind at all. It proves its homemade handiwork!

Have a seat, shall we?

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  1. oooh I absolutely love it! Love it!

  2. It's a good thing you and I don't have to live together...I'm very pattern-phobic! lol

    I'm also upholstering-phobic (it seems scary to me!). =P

    But good job you!

  3. Thanks, Kristen! Yes, fortunately my husband indulges my love for patterns. He puts up with a lot ;)

    And fortunately for me, the chair was one my mom bought for me for less than $5, so I figured I couldn't really go wrong!


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