Do It Yourself: A List of All the Projects I've Tried

If you've been around here long enough, you know that I love trying to see if I can make ordinary household products myself. Things that typically come in cans or bottles, boxes or bags. More and more, I've found myself asking, "How can I make that myself?"

As anyone who's attempted to make their own    fill in the blank    knows, this process of scouring for recipes that actually work can feel overwhelming, so, for a handy reference guide, here's a compilation of the myriad homemade / DIY / made-from-scratch projects I've attempted:

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (plus some breadmaking tips & tricks)
Pizza Dough & Pizza Sauce & Pizza Seasoning
Bagels made with a Bread Machine 
Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing 
Vegetarian Fish Sticks  
Black Bean Burgers
Chocolate Pudding  
Hummus Made Simple 
Bitesize Corn Dogs
Chewy Granola Bars 
Freezer Sweet Potato Fries 
Yogurt Made in the Crock Pot
De-Boning a Whole Chicken
My First Attempt Making Chicken Stock
Chicken Pot Pie From Scratch
Chocolatey Bitesize Brownies 
Popcorn Without a Microwave 
Freezing Your Fruits & Veggies

Natural Liquid Castile Soap Bodywash
Baking-Soda Shampoo (plus answers to your most common questions here and here)
Foot Soak from Coffee 

Creating Your Own Vegetable Container Garden
Any DIY projects you'd love to see me tackle in the future? Any favorite DIYs of your own? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments! 

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