Exploring the Beauty of My Backyard: June Edition

When we bought our house in November, it was the interior that sold us. (You can see a sneak-peek at what the house looked like when we first bought it here.) We loved that the outside was filled with tree after tree, but all the leaves had fallen and hidden the rest of the yard beneath a blanket of fallen foliage and pine needles.

So now that we are well into summer, it’s been like a secret garden to see what pops up, what has been lying beneath the surface unbeknownst to us, its new owners and admirers.

Back in February, I spent an afternoon exploring all the natural beauty that was hidden throughout my yard. And then in March, I shared an update of the new things that had sprung up.

It's now late into June, summer officially here, and consequently, time to pay the ole homestead a revisit.

Here are some of the new sites we've been pleasantly surprised to find spring up around our yard most recently:

Cute little clumps of wildflowers have found their way into the yard, as well as some sweet-smelling honeysuckle, climbing over our back fence.

Imagine my surprise when hydrangeas popped out beneath one of our windows? Hydrangeas! I love them and they've been the highlight of this secret garden of mine!

What I'd earlier suspected to be a rose bush turned out to be correct, although it only gave out a couple of blossoms. It's in a pretty shady part of the yard, so my mom thinks perhaps it isn't getting enough sun to put out more blooms. I might try transplanting it...

The last of our azaleas. We had a lot come into bloom in early spring, but these are the last couple that haven't gone brown yet.

Money may not grow on trees, but money plants do grow in our yard! That's what these funny little plants are called, because when the seed pods are in the sun, the seeds look like little coins inside a change purse. How cute, huh? And, the flowers that came before the change-purse-like seed pods were the pretty purple numbers featured in this post.

We've also had some small clumps of what I believe are chrysanthemums pop up and one of our hostas put out a single flower. As an amateur gardener, I have no idea what that means, but it was neat!

And as I was looking around for more hidden beauties, I came across what I thought at first glance was a leaf, but upon closer inspection, realized it was a huge moth or butterfly! Talk about great camouflage! Here's a closer look at it from the other side:

And, lest you think that our yard is filled with beautiful widlflowers and garden-worthy greenery, let me tell you—better yet, show you—that you would be quite mistaken!

Our yard is mostly a blanket of fallen leaves and random weeds and sparse vines. That is why finding these spots of beauty in the brambly mess is so satisfying for me, why I have to go looking for these wonderful little surprises springing up.

Eventually, I'd like to get around to doing some shady landscaping, but for now, I'm fine just letting the yard go wild and see what springs up naturally!

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  1. It looks lovely, and that moth/butterfly is amazing! I thought it was a leaf too, when I first saw the picture. Very cool :)

    1. I know! It's crazy. I need to do some research and figure out what exactly it is. I've learned SO much about plants/wildlife by finding it in my yard and then looking up what it is. Quite the learning experience!

    2. P.S. Looked it up: It's a "Luna Moth." I learned that, "Although rarely seen due to their very brief (1 week) adult lives, Luna Moths are considered common. As with all Saturniidae, the adults do not eat or have mouths. They emerge as adults solely to mate, and as such, only live approximately one week. They are more commonly seen at night." You can read more about it here if you want. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for letting us into your backyard - how wonderful that hydrangeas popped up out of all of them! I'd be ecstatic - they're my favourite flower! And that moth/butterfly is crazy! Talk about sneaky, could've fooled me! Here's to more gorgeousness springing up along the way XO


    1. Thanks! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, too. I hope to plant more, since those ones seem to be doing well. I've NEVER lived anywhere with hydrangeas so it was really exciting for me!

  3. I love the money plants and hydrangeas!

    Those moths are so beautiful aren't they? I haven't seen any since I moved up north...


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