Buying beauty for 99 cents...

Yesterday, the sky was bleak and gray and depressing. At the grocery store, I saw this cheery handful of daffodils on sale for $0.99. I couldn't resist. I brought them home, placed them in a little vase (actually a pilsner glass!) and then propped them up right in front of where I was doing some reading for work.

Bringing a little sunshine in on a dark, dreary day...for less than a dollar!

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You know it's spring when...
It snowed in Atlanta!


  1. Oh Carmen, I LOVE IT! :) Spring is here...well...maybe on it's way, at least. Thanks for all your little comments. My little bloggity blog would be quite lonely without you. Heehee...

  2. Ahh! But of course; I love getting to get a behind-the-scenes peek into your little life.

    I do hope spring is here to STAY!!

  3. Nothing like daffodils!

  4. Agreed! There are daffodils starting to spring up everywhere outside, too, and THAT makes me so happy!!


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