Surprise! A Birthday Trip to Savannah!

photo by semerssuaq

For my birthday on Thursday, Michael has planned a trip to take me to...Savannah, Georgia!

My interest in visiting Savannah was first piqued when I read about its timeworn houses and lush gardens and otherwordly mystique in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil in a college journalism class. Something about stepping back in time, to a place where nostalgia and markers from an olden era are all around you, makes me giddy. (I think part of that stems from the fact that the house I grew up in is nearing a century-old.)

Then I had a couple friends who went there and raved about the town. Now, I finally get to go myself!

Michael has planned a little getaway for us, which is my favorite way to celebrate anything! We're going to go for two days and spend the first day camping and hiking (our first camping trip together!). The second night, we're going to get a hotel room downtown and do some of the tourist-y stuff.

This is incredibly timely since we have spent the past few days trying to sort out our taxes (taxing in and of itself to say the least) and just found out that the clutch on Michael's truck is shot so we're likely to be getting rid of it and turning into a one-car family (not necessarily a bad thing, but still stressful while we figure all the details out). Needless to say, it will be a great little getaway to get our (my!) minds off these little hiccups that have popped up over the past couple days.

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