You know it's spring when...

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I am happy to say that spring is here, my friends. There seems no denying it when:
You peel the heavy down duvet off the bed and pack it in the closet.
"Bundling up" means bringing your cute little jacket--not your coat and gloves and scarf.
You roll the windows down in the car for the first time.
You are talking to a friend on the phone when he says, "Are those birds chirping in the background?!"
You get your first ice-cream cones of the season!
You attempt a building project, involving saws and sandpaper and drills and hammers and nails. (I'll share more about our project soon!)
You start planning a camping trip!
So, in celebration, here's a perfect usher-in-the-springtime song Michael and I have been listening to on repeat lately: "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a fun little diddy that goes, "Home is wherever I am with you..."

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    (also, you know it's spring because I shaved my legs AND painted my toenails.)

  2. Ha, you're one step ahead! I haven't gotten around to painting my nails yet...I think that'll have to be when my feet finally get too sweaty to wear flats!


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