Not Your Typical Babyshower Game

Last night we hosted a baby shower for one of the couples in the small group we joined through our church. They're due with their first baby in less than a month and have already had their fair share of baby showers, so we wanted to make this less "shower-ish" and more hanging out with friends. (Especially because half the people are guys!)

We did a F-U-N game that I thought some of you might want to steal some time in the future if you're planning a shower. It tests your knowledge about the couples and helps you get to learn a lot more about them and who they were as a kid.

I sent both mama- and dadda-to-be an email questionnaire, querying them on "What was your most embarrassing moment from childhood?" "What did you get in trouble for as a kid?" "What things did you collect?" "Who was your favorite cartoon character?"

When they responded, I combed through their answers and pulled the unexpected or ambiguous answers. Such as, "Who collected minnows as a kid?" (Answer: Dad.) "Who collected scorpions and kept them in the freezer?" (Answer: Mom.) "Whose first CD purchase as Garth Brooks?" "Who went through a grunge phase in high school?"

I narrowed their responses down to 20 questions, with guests having to guess whether the questions are about Mom, Dad, or Both. It was a kick to see people's guesses to the questions and to see them laughing as they read their way through the list and their struggle to determine who hated cake and who loved liverwurst sandwiches.

I think we all had a lot of fun and learned more about our dear friends. And now, if their baby ends up collecting wildlife, we'll have much more understanding!

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  1. Very neat! We don't have showers here, I remember when I lived in North America being invited and people sharing they'd had 2, 3, 4 even 5 showers!!! I was amazed at all the "stuff"!

  2. While choosing the games, kids should consider if there will be a subject to the Baby Shower Games.


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