Stovetop Décor with Colorful Cookware

The other day, I was embarking on yet another new recipe (a potato / green bean / tomato / egg / pesto salad, if you're curious) and quickly had my go-to pots in use on the stove or in the sink to be washed. I remembered I'd stashed a couple pots in the back of one of our pantries and dug one out to boil the eggs.

Lo and behold came this paisley beauty of a pot. I had completely forgotten about this pot I had picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago. When did they stop making ornate little pieces of art like this?! You may not be partial to olive green and mustard yellow like I am, but you can't deny this beats a plain old silver pot any day.

So ever since then, I've determined to keep it out, bringing a fun little punch to my stove top and future cooking creations!

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  1. that pot is a culinary miracle!

  2. My mom is a big fan of hitting up thrift stores for kitchen stuff...I think after this post, I will too. Love that it matches the green mitts on the wall too!

    Lusty xx00

  3. You noticed!! :) Yes, my kitchen very much has an olive-green color scheme, though I'm working more teals and mustards in to even it out/guard against become *too* retro, if that's possible!

  4. I am not partial to olive green and mustard yellow, but I must say I like that pot.

    `To Be Thode: Saturday Sound Off`

  5. :) Thanks, Michelle! It definitely is not always an easy-to-pull-off color scheme, that's for sure. I'm still working on getting it just right!

  6. It's funny what changes in housewares. I remember when all the pots and pans used to be decorated it seems!

  7. Ah, I wish it were MORE like that!! Fingers crossed that maybe decorated housewares will have a resurgence?!

  8. I love that! That is so pretty!!!!

    Thanks for linking up for Saturday Sound Off. Sorry it took me so long to get to the posts this week.


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