Show and Tell: My Mug of Many Colors

This is a mug I painted when Michael and I were in Florida with his family. One evening when it turned chilly, we all went to a little ceramics shop and took to painting.

The first time I'd gone to a ceramics-painting shop like this was when I moved to Grand Rapids and my dear friend Carrie convinced us we had to go. I had taken a couple ceramics classes in high school where I made my projects from scratch--and you could tell!

We went to that ceramics shop a couple of times while I lived up there. The first time, I painted a little bud vase for my mom for Mother's Day. The next time, I painted a latte mug and attempted using stamps. Neither of them really lived up to my artistic vision.

But on my last trip to the shop, I saw a mug sitting by the side of the sink where you rinsed off your brushes and palettes. On it were just a bunch of random paint swatches that all overlapped and revealed a beautiful mishmash of colors. I determined that I wanted to have one of my own.

In the midst of getting engaged, planning a wedding in a mere 10 weeks and then moving across the country, those plans soon were replaced by greater priorities.

So when I had the opportunity to finally get to create this little gem of a mug, I was a little hesitant whether it would turn out or not. But, painting my favorite verse, Ecclesiastes 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful in its time," on the front and framed by these random colorful patches, I can humbly say that it turned out, well, beautifully. Beauty in its own time, indeed.

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  1. Nice job. I have never tried painted ceramics but it sounds fun. Thanks for linking up this week.

    from Trash to Treasure Decorating


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