Loving God for who he is, rather than for the benefits

"I had rather be poor for Your sake than rich without You. I prefer rather to wander on the earth with You than to possess  heaven without You. Where you are, there is heaven, and where You are not are death and hell." That's a quote I just read by Thomas a Kempis in The Imitation of Christ.

Dr. Archibald Hart writes about this quote and says, "He is telling us to love God for who He is, not for His benefits, great as they may be. This leaves many of us in a dilemma. How do we separate His benefits from Himself? The answer lies in examining our own motives and attitudes. As we lift our eyes off the benefits, we are able to worship God Himself with all our heart." (from Archibald's Habits of the Mind)

Wow. Am I the only one who finds that to be a very convicting (and humbling) truth?
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  1. Great post! Something I didn't understand much of when I became a Christian, but through sanctification something I am understanding more and more. I think what lay it on my heart was to hear "mature" Christians speak about why they are Christians and hearing them only focus on what God can do for them. Something didn't sit right with that and it really made me think about my relationship with Him and see it was a selfish one, I need to love Him completely and utterly for who He is. Something I do not do enough of.

  2. Totally! I do think it's been something I've only started to realize over the past year or two, and something I still have to remind myself over and over again: Even when things don't go "my" way, God is still good, still faithful, still trustworthy. I have to trust that his scope is so much bigger than mine and always is out of love. Still, it is hard to love him "just because" sometimes!


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