Misadventures in Cooking: From "Polenta" to "Placenta"

(doesn't it look nice and innocent? our homemade veggie polenta)
I make it a goal to try one new recipe a week. This isn't too hard for me because my recipe repertoire is still pretty small, plus I get quite a few magazines that I rip recipes out of each month (which I like to sign up for for free; subscriptions are paid for by advertisers).

As I'm learning, life in the kitchen is never uneventful!

For instance, I decided to make one of my ripped-out recipes the other night: "Vegetable Polenta Stacks." The picture looked good, the ingredients and directions sounded easy enough. So we embarked. Even at the end, the whole thing looked tasty; I thought for sure this was another point for Carmen-in-the-Kitchen. Michael even remarked that they looked "gourmet."

That was until we bit into them: such a disappointment. They were tasteless and like chewing on rubber, quickly earning the moniker "placenta" instead of "polenta." (Gross, I know.)

Needless to say, another recipe pitched in the garbage. Sometimes I feel a little like Einstein in the kitchen, testing and testing, filtering the good from the bad. But at least we tried it out. I know we're getting closer to culling out our little culinary corner of the world, one (good) recipe at a time!

Speaking of recipes, does anyone have a good recipe for whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies? We've gone through a few different recipes and not found one that we've fallen in love with yet. Let me know if you do. Thanks!

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  1. I've had this happen before for sure! I've learned though sometimes it just takes adjusting the recipe. Some are not seasoned enough or to my liking. Maybe something was cooked too long or something. I get a lot of recipes from WebMD...they have healthier versions. I made a wheat/applesauce cranberry-orange cookie from there before, it was delicious! But I can't find the recipe now...I think it's on my old mac, i'll look it up soon!

  2. Oh, WebMD! I never thought to look there for recipes. That's a great idea. I'll have to see what I find. (And those cookies sound delish!)

  3. I am disappointed. I was so excited to see this with polenta. Oh well. Thanks doing the experiment for us, Einstein.

  4. Lol I tried my hand at polenta last month. My little rounds looked great! However, it was also a dinner FAIL. Didn't help that my fiance kept referring to it as "placenta"!!

  5. My mom has the BEST recipe for whole wheat flaxseed chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves them! :) If you'd like the recipe, let me know. emmalee199@gmail.com


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