Make the Most of Your Wardrobe Series in Review

For the past month or so, I've been sharing some of my favorite sewing tutorials for ways to make over items in your closet as part of my Make the Most of Your Wardrobe series.

In case you've missed any of the posts, here's a recap of what we learned:
(You can check out my favorite sewing and crafting supplies, including the sewing machine I use, here.)

Most of those tutorials are geared toward bringing structural change to your clothing items (which can involve extra sewing), but you can see some other examples of clothes I've revamped with simple changes such as cutting off straps of a dress to make it a skirt, shortening a dress hem to make a tunic, cuffing too-long sweater sleeves, adding a piece of lace trim to a boring cardigan, and removing sequins from a Mexican-inspired skirt. Many of them didn't even require a sewing machine, simply a pair of scissors and some needle and thread, so there is something for everyone at any level.

The hardest part is just getting started! (But if you're too scared to go at it alone, why not rally support and make a date with girlfriends to create a craft-night party, like I did with some friends a couple years ago?)

Part of what prompted this series was the fact that last spring, I decided to get rid of half my closet. I found that I had been holding on too many items that I simply never wore and wanted to break away from it all. So I looked at my closet, decided what were the items that I loved and threw the rest into garbage bags that I dropped off at Goodwill.

Since that Great Purge, I've endeavored to be more meticulous about what I buy, and I recently took a look back to review all the things I'd bought since then. There were a few purchases I regretted, but for the most part, I learned my lesson and only added things to the "love" pile.

I hope all of those ideas will help inspire you to take a good look at your closet and see if there's anything sitting in there being unworn that you can play with to breathe into it new life and give it new life in your own closet's "love" pile.

Have any of these posts inspired you to get crafting in your closet? If so, I'd love to see some of what you've recreated; feel free to link-up to your own wardrobe-related tutorials or examples in the comments below!

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