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Life Blessons has grown so much since I first started writing it back in the winter of 2009. What started as a blog that was read only by a handful of friends and family is now read by thousands of folks every month, touching hearts with stories of faith, encouraging adventures in the kitchen with recipes, offering up tried-and-true tips to make your life a little easier and just plain living life together through post after post.

Thanks to that growth, I am now offering sidebar advertising options to anyone who has a blog or Etsy shop or small business you want to promote.

Life Blessons receives more than 30,000 pageviews every month (with that number growing, month after month) and more than 1,000 subscribers. On social media, Life Blessons has more than 1,500 fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Friend Connect. Plus, I’m always looking for ways to get the word out about my blog and find new readers.

In a nutshell? There are lots of people who visit this blog every day and week and month, which means lots of opportunities for them to find out about your product and pay your site a visit.

Here are the ads and the regular monthly rates currently available on Life Blessons:

Please email me for complete details and to find out about
the current discounts I'm running for advertisers.

All advertisements are featured in the sidebar in the “Visit My Sponsors” section, which is currently active, so you can see where your ad would be placed. The larger ads will occupy the top section, medium ads in the middle section, and the smallest ads in the bottom section.

To find out more or to sign up as an advertiser, contact me today!

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