Hello, 2013! Looking to the Year Ahead...

Happy New Year, friends!

As I'm sure you've noticed, it's been pretty quiet around these parts, as I've spent the last week or so relaxing and savoring the last days of 2012. It was a much-needed respite, to not have to worry about posting or typing or even checking my email.

But, this blog is important to me, so it can't stay quiet forever!

Like the blog, Christmas was pretty quiet and uneventful around here. We didn't do any travelling and didn't even put up a Christmas tree! It seems that everything has gotten sidelined with the baby only weeks away. (We're now at less than 8 weeks away!!) But we did manage to see family and have a nice little date outing to celebrate the season. It was not big and bold and mind-bending, but it was thoughtful and tranquil and well-timed—just what we needed as our lives will soon become completely different overnight!

As we continue to look forward to meeting this little growing girl of ours, I've been taking that idea of New Year's Resolutions and thinking of them in terms of becoming a mother. So I recently started a little list of goals that I want to zoom in on these last few weeks leading up to her birth.

Things like:
  • Pray about my role as a mother.
  • Pray about baby's name and purpose.
  • Create a Mother's Mission Statement.
  • Focus more on preparing my heart for the task of motherhood than on the nursery and on baby stuff.
  • Prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually for childbirth.
So, that's where I'm trying to aim my heart these last few days, even though it's all too easy to get caught up in everything else (like making the nursery perfect and buying last-minute baby items). But those are not the important things; however, a mindset confident with love and grace and peace and patience is. And that is what I'm after.

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  1. I love that you are preparing your mindset for motherhood. That is great. Happy New Year Hun.


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