My Prayers for Healing: Things Start to Happen…

This post is continued from my post earlier this week, "My Prayers for Healing: And Nothing Happened..." Click here to catch up and read that post if you missed it.

After hours of waiting and wondering about the tests to figure out what was the cause of all my pain, the doctors let us know there had been a change of plan—it turned out that they weren’t able to do the special multiple x-ray test after all. Instead, we had to settle for just one ordinary x-rays. Though the professionals were discouraged at the news, I was thrilled! Only having to expose my baby to one instead of three x-rays was the first of many answers to prayer for me that night. I began to see how God was working all this out—even the complications that arose throughout it.

So, I went and had the tests done, while dozens of family and friends prayed along with us, that the baby would be kept safe during the tests and that the tests would provide insight about what was wrong with me. As it says in James, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and accomplishes much.”

Later that evening, the tests results came back and showed that there did not appear to be a kidney stone present. The fact that I was still experiencing great pain made me discouraged at the news because what else could be causing the pain? And then I began thinking about all the other tests they’d want to run and what that might mean for my baby. I felt no closer to an answer than I had the day I’d left the hospital.

Then a doctor came back to us and gave us some more news: When they compared that night’s tests to ones done the previous week, it actually showed that my kidney was getting better—that it was self-healing. Honestly, upon hearing that diagnosis, I really didn’t believe it because the pain had stayed strong since we’d left the hospital. I still could only sleep sitting up. I felt like, once again, we’d gotten the brush-off.

But after we’d returned home and as I got ready to go to sleep that night, I prayed that if in fact my body was healing—if God was healing me—then I needed clear confirmation of it. I prayed that I would not need a pain med at all that evening, which was a huge prayer since nighttimes were the worst and when I took the heaviest doses of my medication. But still, I laid it out before the Lord, since he is the one who can make the impossible possible.

When I woke up a couple hours later, I was shocked to discover that—miracle of miracles—my back did not hurt. I had not experienced that yet. I began to get giddy as I realized the enormity of the occasion and that God was actually answering my prayer. “He will finish what he has started,” I said to myself and decided to push the test even further—and try sleeping laying down. Previously, any attempts to sleep laying down ended up causing so much pain that I often cried. But I figured that if God was indeed healing me, then this would be the greatest evidence of that.

So I curled up on the couch on my side and drifted off to sleep, awaking a couple hours later without a sore stitch in my body. I ran into the bedroom and told my husband the good news—God was finally healing me!

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  1. Praise God!!! My husband and I have been praying for healing for him these past few days, and this story is so encouraging to me! Thanks for sharing Carmen- can't wait to read the rest!

  2. Halleluyah! God is Jehovah Rophe and he will be true to his name in your life in Jesus name. Amen. You are not only healed. You are whole. For that is your heritage in Jesus Christ.

  3. This is so exciting! I can just imagine your joy when the pain began to leave your body.

  4. Praise God! That's awesome!

    I can't wait to read more. Praying for you and your family, Carmen <3


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