Preparing Your Quiet Time Space (with a Giveaway!)

I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement. I am in the throes of this right now with Claire, making an effort to praise her and encourage her when she does what I want (stay still on the changing table, obey me when I tell her to leave something alone, etc.). But I also do this with myself, as well.

Like when it comes to doing my own quiet times, I try to make them special. Usually that means curling up in a favorite spot where sunlight drenches in. It means bringing a treat with me, whether it’s hot chocolate or bowl of trail mix (with plenty of chocolate chips!). And a pretty notebook and nice pen help, too. (You can check out this post about how I made my own devotion journal for more inspiration, too.)

While all those things are not essential to a fruitful devotion time, I think they help make it into something I look forward to a little more, they make it feel special and not just a task on a to-do list but something enjoyable, something a bit luxurious.

Which is why I was excited when the folks at Treat (which is owned by Shutterfly) contacted me to try out one of their customize-your-own mugs and stationery. Some of my favorites from their collection that I think would be perfect for perking up your quiet time include:

Plus, they are offering a giveaway for one mug and one set of personal stationery to one Life Blessons reader, perfect for cheering up your quiet-time routine or for holiday gift-giving! To enter, please visit Treat’s holiday cards page and leave a comment here with your favorite card. Entries must be received by November 20. (Open to US addresses only.)

(Of course, you can always order your holiday cards through Treat, as well. You can even personalize them to each recipient through their one-to-one holiday card collection, and most of the cards also come with a digital option. There are also plenty of gift options available at Treat, as well. To find out more, join the #TreatCheer Twitter party on November 18 at 2PM ET with @ResourcefulMom.)


  1. I love the Holiday splendor card

  2. My favorite card is the Circled Wishes card.

  3. This will be my husband and my first married Christmas together, so I LOVED the mistletoe kisses card. Adorable!

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  5. Cool Couple (Warmest Wishes) I gave it to a friend last year for her Dec Birthday because she loves snow. I love how you can edit Holiday cards to make them fit for birthdays too!

  6. My favorite is the Peace and Joy design. So cute!

  7. I like the "Hugs for You" card the best!

  8. i like the jolly today joyful forever card


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