Hello, 2012. It’s Nice to Finally Meet You.

Ah. It feels good to be welcoming a new year, especially since I spent the last month tending to getting settled into our new house (you can see a sneak peek inside our new house here and read more about our experience purchasing it here) and taking a break from writing new blog posts.

I feel refreshed and ready for this new year of ours, so thank you for your patience while the blog took a well-timed and much-appreciated reprieve!

But even if things around this neck of the interweb-woods was quiet, things on the other side of the computer screen were definitely not!

We signed the papers to close on our house in mid-November and spent the next couple of weeks getting everything set up at the house and taking our time packing and moving stuff over, little by litter. Our previous move all happened in a two-day span of time (from finding the apartment to moving in, more on that here), so this slower pace was much appreciated!

Finally, we moved the last of everything on December 8, putting all the bulky furnishings and fixings in place and making the house really start to feel like a home.

Of course, though, that is just the beginning. Then came the big task of unpacking, unsorting, unshuffling everything into new spaces, nooks and crannies. That can be such an overwhelming process and one that I’m not even close to done with yet!

While much of our day-to-day living items have found homes here, there’s quite a bit that still hasn’t. And that’s okay, because I keep telling myself that we are not in a rush. We signed the papers to own this house for thirty years, so that should give me plenty of time to unpack it all!

We did do a little painting (in the kitchen, can’t wait to share that process soon!) and bought some grown-up desks for our office. We had the chimney cleaned, the ducts vacuumed out and a couple of drafty doors replaced. We hung blinds and rearranged furniture and tried to keep ourselves from getting consumed with the idea of making everything perfect, right now.

There’s time for all that.

Until then, as we inch along, making changes and updates and fixes little by little, I can’t wait to share them with you throughout this new years of ours. Along with, of course, plenty of other insights, ideas and inspirations that crop up from time to time.

Here’s to making the most of 2012!

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  1. Happy New Year, Carmen!

    I'm so excited to see how you make your new house into your home.

    Packing and unpacking is a overwhelming job! It's not so bad though because it forces you to take a look at what you have. That was healthy for me when I made the move (last year already!) from SC to PA. I learned what I did and did not need to have in my life. I think that was a sanctification process for me.

    I'm praying for a wonderful year for you and husband and for blessing on your new house.


  2. Thanks, Jackie! I appreciate that :) I do like the challenge that moving and unpacking presents (especially trying to find new and better ways to organize my stuff!) but kinda wish it weren't all at once :) But I can't complain, because it's a good challenge to have! Happy new year to you, too!

  3. Oh my I have missed a lot! Congratulations on your new home!

  4. Happy New Year! So glad to hear you're settling in. I'm excited to see some photos of the new paint job, too! :) Hope you can finish unpacking the rest and be fully settled soon.


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