Dear Claire: 7 Month Update

(I've been writing monthly updates to my daughter, Claire, documenting all the changes that come with the passing weeks. You can catch up on past letters here.)

Dear Claire,

Well, this has been quite the month for you. Probably your biggest yet. In the past 30 days:
  • You have officially perfected your ability to crawl (which you'd only just learned days before turning six months old). When you see something you want, you're off!

  • Within a day or two of first learning to crawl, you figured out how to pull up. You even have started a little cruising. Especially when you spot someone eating something. (See point below for more on that; the first time I saw you take a step while standing/holding on was when your grandpa opened a chocolate bar.)

  • And within a few days of that, you were able to sit up on your own. You can sit on your toosh but you prefer kneeling on your knees. I think maybe because it makes it easier for you to get up and move should the need arise?

  • You figured out how to suck your thumb all on your own, and have never looked back, even pretty much giving up your pacifier already. Invariably you can be spotted with your thumb in your mouth almost all the time. It makes me a little nervous for a year or so from now when we need to break it, but today has worries of its own. I'll deal with that when we get to that point!

  • You want to try to eat and drink everything. You see someone eat or hear a wrapper crinkle and your eyes suddenly shoot that way and you start bouncing up and down in hopes of getting your own taste. Consequently, you have eaten and drank a huge variety of foods, from homemade baby food to table scraps of all sorts. You also love drinking water out of a cup. You are growing up so fast!

  • Your balance and ability to catch yourself has improved so much that you rarely bonk your head anymore (which at one time was more like an hourly occurrence!). This makes life for mama much easier!

  • Your two bottom teeth finally started cutting through. They haven't really made you fussy, but you have struggled more with sleep than usual. Otherwise, you're pretty much an all-around happy baby.

  • You also had your first playdate, which was with (and your father loves this part) with an older (10 months old) boy! You were pretty forward, crawling up to him straight away and trying to grab his curly hair. Then you tried to lick his forehead. He tried laying his forehead against you, which you found frustrating so we soon called it a day. But it was hilarious and I'm looking forward to more and more playdates in the future.

  • You also have figured out how to make it up a stair or two. Oh boy. Here we go!
Can you believe all of that? In one single month? Yes, you're a trailblazer around here, always keeping us on our toes. It's been a joy to try and keep up and guess what you're going to be up to next. Here's to another month!


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