A Look Back at October: Writing and Crafting, Aplenty

If September surprised me with all the falling leaves I noticed for the first time, imagine my disbelief when I found myself pulling my winter coat out of the back of the closet and wearing it day after day. So was my welcome to October.

In spite of the unseasonable chill that came with this latest month, October brought with it plenty of good news and good memories.

For starters, I saw quite a few of my articles for HOW magazine published (in the September issue, now on newsstands), as well as another one about a green design company posted on their website. I also had two guest posts featured on some blogs:

At Money Saving Mom, I wrote about some realistic ways we’ve managed to cut back on how much we spend on eating out. (Consider it a practical follow-up to the post I made about when we had cut our eating out budget down to a whopping zero.)

And at Hannah Explains It All, I wrote about all the different ways creativity expresses itself in my life—from recipes to crafts—and some tips I’ve learned over the years for embracing this call to experimentation.

Speaking of getting creative, I found myself quite inspired, crafting up some artwork in the bathroom and also undertaking a renovation for a mirror I picked up at a thrift store as well as a handful of wardrobe crafts that I can’t wait to share with you. And they go beyond just the Isn’t this pretty? fashion crafts to ones that help you make ill-fitting clothes simply fit better and fixing some of the quirks about clothes that I hate most.

It was enough inspiration that I’m planning to make a new series out of it—ways to revamp the wardrobe you already have. Expect to see that around here at the beginning of the year while I cull up more ideas to round it out. (Email me if you’re interested in contributing to this new series!)

Although I didn’t end up creating an abstract painting like I’d set out to do at the end of September in last month’s update, but I think I did even better.

October, it was nice knowing ya.

What about you? What was October like in your life, at your home? Let me know or share a link or two in the comments!

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